Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Would this be ok for a banner?/:

Please have your say and opinionate on this photo. Click image to enlarge.
Would this be ok for our blog's banner? As Christmas is over, well in the UK anyway and I don't really bother with "The 12 Days of Christmas". Would this be ok?

I tried my best like but I've sorta failed.. :/

Please tell me what you think.

Don't be saying it's great when it probably isn't, just give your honest opinion. :)



  1. wait till u get the new writer then make the new banner so that everyone would be included

  2. well i think that the banner is ok and u should maybe try to add something more or hire someone

  3. I agree with dish101, it's a decent banner but if you want something as amazing as your blog you should probably hire somebody.

  4. The placing of the girls is quite good, and the font too, but the clothes and hair are kinda messy, it would probably be a better idea to find pictures of clothes online and then cutting them from the original image (which you can do in paint with free-form select) and then put it on your dolls. Just a thought. :) but otherwise its quite good.


  5. The outline around it is pretty messy, but it's nice all the same.