Monday, 26 December 2011

Inspirational MeDoll

Hola chickas & chickos!

My Espanol is probably horrible, but i'm in a good mood, so i dont care. I have news!
1. I will be posting until the 6th January instead of till the first.
2. I will be away from then till the 13th! So i will be posting more frequently up until then and probably draft a few posts that i will let Megan post in my name.

Without further ado my lovely amigoes,
I will get on with the show,
put your hands together for the amazingly talented,


If you don't recognise this name, i will probably die and go to Stardoll heaven because:
1. daotch was one of the finding members of the now so-called Stardoll Elite
2. One of the original pioneers(if you don't know what i mean by this, get a dictionary) of the high standard of Stardesign Fashion + Interior
3. One of the original Top Designers before the list was flooded by newcomers.
I will not blab too much about this amazing doll, because then this post would crash everyone's internet and probably the Blogger interface servers (here i go in to the land of webdesign nerds). I have one word to describe this doll. AMAZING. I honestly love everything about this girl, i mean i bought so many of her designs, and like, i Satrdoll stalked her while she was on the Top Designers list. Although she has now gone below the radar of the Top Designers, she still designs her fabulous t-shirts that are inspired from Hello Kitty to Lady GaGa, and this is a SERIOUSLY big range! Like i said, the first Hello Kitty design i ever bought was from her, so thats saying something.

These days our lovable designer is concentrating on the prize for Catwalk, and while she has not been showing up on the Top Desinger lists, she is still selling her fabulous designs. If you want to have a look at her range of styles in her suite click <HERE>. Not only is she a fabulously talented designer, she has also got a certain creative flair when it comes to her Suite, MeDoll and everything else really. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this doll and there is really no other way to put it!

A member since 2007, this French Royalista has achieved beyond imagination. She has been the Top Designer more than once, has had the Best Design more than once, has won NCG 12 TIMES! Which is freakin' incredible. I'm fairly sure that she has won Best Album, and Covergirl at one stage but i'm definetly not sure with the Stardoll Archives and theyre crazy sorting(SOMEONE NEEDS TO BE ORGANISED!), but regardless of her achievements, this girl has inspired my words of wisdom for you all today.

Bozana Pasic's Words of Wisdom Inspired by the Inspirational MeDoll: "When you want to achieve, don't strive for second place, strive for that big gold trophy staring at you."

What i really want you guys to get out from this doll is that ALWAYS strive for the best. It doesn't matter if you fail. daotch has proven that by trying something new and striving for the top you will most likely succeed!

Here are some pics of this astounding doll:




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