Thursday, 14 July 2011

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Free Rio Dress

If you are from Greece click HERE
If you're from anywhere else click HERE

Free Maybelline Lipgloss

If you are from the UK click HERE and like the Facebook page the click on picture that says Click here to get your free lipgloss.
If your not from the UK go to a proxy like
In the bar put in
Log in then click on the Facebook & Free gift link.
Like the facebook page then click on the picture to get your lip gloss.
The lipgloss will be in your beautyparlour :)

NOTE: You need to have facebook in order for this to work. 

UPDATE:  some people have been complaining that this is the exact same thing as the LUXE lipgloss which was 24 sd. But who cares? 

Monday, 11 July 2011

I am very disappointed in this month's hotbuys. These are my second least favourite. My least favourite was the Hotbuy lipstick earrings. These are ugly!! They can do so much better!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Pretty n' Love spoilers!!


As you see there is make up!!! But Pretty n' Love could either be opening a beauty shop or maybe it is only a piece of furniture. We'll soon find out when it comes to stardoll!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Interview with Ghandoora

Click here <- to visit Ghandoora's suite. 1. What does stardoll mean to you, is it just a game or what? It’s the most interesting website I have ever seen , it isn’t a game , it’s a place to express your knowledge in fashion :D

2.Who inspires you the most? No one , I think my mood who help me every time :D

3. Your own blog ( is really popular...what made you become a writer,?
Thanks God , it’s honor for me to make a blog and in less than 1 year It became popular one , I don’t know really just for enjoy :D
4. How did you come aware of stardoll, did anyone tell you about it? No , I were searching on internet then I found it so I joined it ^^ 
5. You always have a new look on stardoll, whats your 3 items you could'nt live without on this game? Hmmmm… hard question !! I think hat , sunglasses & coat :)

6. Are you reading stardoll blogs, aswell as writing? for real no , I don’t have time , but maybe if there is an interesting post I would read it !

7. Whats your favourite thing about stardoll, designing, shopping? My favorite is shopping , I love shopping in real life so much and in stardoll so much , I feel that I’m really at shop !

8. Describe how you felt , when you realised you are famous on stardoll ! Was it weird? Well it’s really great thing for being famous and over thousand girls know you , but it’s bad because they start to make fake things about me I didn’t do it !!

9. What do you have to say to the followers out there? :) I would like to thank you for choosing me to have an interview , I like it so much :D best wishes :D Ghadeer xox

Pick of the Week

New segment called pick of the week. we will pick a item and make two outfits with it, !

Our new system :)

Me and Caragh have been negotiating on who works at which bit of our blog. ANDD.. we have came up with other ideas such as... 
Saturdays pick of the week (clothes) <<Caragh will be working at this.
Medoll of the week<<I'll be doing that. :)

Spoilers<< We both will do that

Daily updates <<Both of us(:

P.S. I never seem to say my real name on this blog, it's not Cherry:L It's Megan :D

Friday, 8 July 2011


As you might have noticed, CaitlinNo.1 has left our blog, we decided this due to her only writing 1 blog. Also, we would just have liked to have us as cousins running blogs (Cherry..xo and miss_caraghm61) i hope you don't take this personally CaitlinNo.1, and still have fun looking at our blog :)

Make Up

Click to enlarge.




I'm sure you're all dying to know what is going to be next in our bazaar, do you like them ?

Like them ? More spoilers will be shown REALLY soon! 

Thursday, 7 July 2011

New L.E!!

Yes, that's right!! There is new LE!!! And I have to be really honest, its gotten WAY better! There has been personal remarks that the last LE collection was down right 'chavvy', so i think they have got on board and have made a vast improvement!! Look what I bought!!

Look!! It's been around an hour since the LE's been out and I was already the 186th Buyer of the L.E flower Tee and the 228th Buyer of the black floral wreath. Unbelievable AND..the prices ? 55 for a top and 35 for a floral accesory ? But I suppose it is worth it. Since they can only sell 1000 of each. Out of the 100 odd million members :o

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Really, there is actually 111,846,454 members. That is one hundred and thirteen million, eight hundred and fourty-six thousand four hundred and fifty four members. (If you're not good with numeracy) Seriously ? That ammount for one website ? I think not. Most of the members never go on anymore. And..people who are running for covergirl making one hundred or two hundred more accounts so they can vote theirself covergirl. I think overall there might be like 10-50 million. somewhere round there. 

Don't leave miss_caraghm61

When I logged onto our blog today and checked our latest post, I was actually really shocked. :( Caragh ? Leaving out blog ? Noooooo:'( We need you here. Why do you have to leave ? Cause you have another blog ? Who says you can't have 2 blogs ? You can have both blogs, Just don't leave cause we really all love you and we need you here. ;D Please ?

Visit miss_caraghm61 to show that we really appreciate her running the blog and do NOT want her to leave it! Write it in her guestbook :)

Hope you get this message Caragh(:

Monday, 4 July 2011


Sadly Miss_Caraghm61 has left to create her own blog.
Even know she has only been with us for a few days she sadly has left us. But please follow her on her blog (posting details later)  and hopefully we will be media partners of something like that. ! 

You can now adopt the Bald Eagle!

For a while, we weren't able to adopt the Bald Eagle. But now we can! Click HERE to adopt the Bald Eage now.

The Bald Eagle is not an endangered Specie. :S
The interior department took the Bald Eagle off the endangered specie list on June, 28th 2007.
The bald eagle will still be protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

More jobs available on stardoll.

So as you hopefully already know by now, that the owners on stardoll are Cherry..xo, miss_caraghm61 and CaitlinNo.1 (who is not available for the next 2 weeks) Well, we have more jobs for this blog. :)

Writer-does posts:)
Advertisers(invite more than 10 followers per day, 70 per week you get 90 stardollars at the end of the week)

Click HERE to contact miss_caraghm61 for an interview and see if you're up for the job. 

weefrances- is now a writer
1 writer left to be promoted for the job. 

5 advertisers left to be premoted for the job.

Trial for advertisers:
As you know, this is a very rewarding job and will give you 90 stardollars if you can give us 70 followers at the end of the week. This job can only be available to superstars/royalty. As i can only give stardollars. You will have a trial day and if you can give us up to 15+ followers, then you will be up for the job and will receive 10 stardollars that day. 

Want to be a writer in our blog? Click HERE to visit Cherry..xo's suite for an interview ORRR
Click HERE to visit miss_caraghm61's suite for an interview. (CaitlinNo.1's suite is not available due to her away to Turkey for 2 weeks!!)

A perfect write for this blog will need:
Enthusiasm!! We need you to advertise our blog on your presentation and tell everyone on your chat and on guestbook comments, even a broadcast does the job! 
Loyalty!! To not write any bad stuff on this blog, we need to trust you.
Creativeness! Write creative and unique stuff on our blog! After all, thats what makes our blog original!!

VOILA!! There you go. Visit our suites (Cherry..xo and miss_caraghm61) and write in our guestbook if you want an interview, we then go on suite chat with you and ask you a few questions, or even just on Stardoll chat! 
P.S. Sorry for the long blog :).
If you live in Norway just log into stardoll and click HERE. If you live anywhere else you will need to use a manual proxy.
Set your manual proxy to port 8080 (thanks BIS)
Find out how to set manual proxy here

Once the page has loaded remove the manual proxy. The swimsuit should be in a black bag in your suite.

Miss Sixty Belt Glitch?

One Stardollar? REALLY! I think this must have been a glitch.... maybe it was supposed to be 10 stardollars or , well anything over 5.. 

sorry bout all the pictures and stuff in the wrong place, it messed up :/


Our interview with Ghandoora will be heading this way. Just to ask her some questions about stardoll and stuff :)

GHANDOORA!!! :') x

Click HERE to visit her amazing suite!

Endangered Specie

This Bald Eagle is soon available to adopt!! 

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Fail of a hair:L

National covergirl winner of Great Britain 02/07/2011, her hair appears to be a fail. This has to be said. Nice hair, but why is the fringe there? Notice that there is 2 difefrent black shades also? FAIL. Click HERE to visit her suite and look at her hair. NOTICE: This hair might be away by the time you visit.

Want the cute little cat then join this club.Click HERE to join the club! Get a free kitty:D

Spoliers (sorry bit late)

(line down the side for copyright reasons)

Sorry I'm a bit late as some of these are already in the starplaza .. OOPS! :) 
 I really adore the high-waisted shorts!
Will you be buying anything?

Friday, 1 July 2011

3 owners currently on Centre Stardoll!!!!

We are so happy to have miss_caraghm61 to have joined us on Centre Stardoll, this means more chance of popularity on Centre Stardoll, more co-operation, more blogposts and more ideas. Now there are 3 of us, Cherry..xo, miss_caraghm61 and CaitlinNo.1 !

New Writer/Owner

Here at COS we have a new writer.
Miss_CaraghM61 :)
Click HERE to visit her suite.


Stardoll is the largest online community for girls who love fashion, shopping, creative design and making new friends from around the world. How about asking a friend to join u could  get stardollers!

This is used for knowing which of us is blogging. Instead of us writing Posted by:____ we will just do this! 

Exchange day on stardoll today!!!

1st July!!!! Its finally summer!!!!!!!!