Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Miss Stardoll World

The big vote of Miss Stardoll World is back. For 2011. First place wins a crown, sash, a lot of stardollars and starcoins :L, royalty status of 12 month of superstar. An iPod touch engraved with their name and being Miss Stardoll World.

WOW! A lot of awards for this! Get voting. You all have a chance, you know. Not trying to bring your hopes up but we all have equal chance, just be determined enough, and don't pesture your friends on Stardoll about it.

If you're very kind, you shall also know that there is only one person which can go first, one person which could go second and yet one person who can go third. So we have yet 3 positions! So could you take some time to vote my awesome friend "onion8" Miss Stardoll World"? She definitely deserves it!

Simply by clicking

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Our new banner!

Hope you like our new banner, we're doing a slightly bit more to our blog but we're still doing our usual! :)

Saturday, 27 August 2011

No more blog wars.

Ok so there has been a bit of fighting between this blog and another one.
I'm sick of it and I want it to stop! There are millions of blogs about stardoll people chose which one they like. It's not up to the owners so just stop fighting. The owners/workers of the blog and this blog are my friends I don't want them fighting because I don't want it to effect my friendship with them.
Please. Just stop fighting
~A concerned worker Onion8.

News on COS

We are getting a new banner for COS! Don't worry, nothing big will have changed, just a better banner!


September Hotbuys!

Honestly, I love them! Unlike July's with the horrible heels and the horrible, HORRIBLE lipstick earrings. They've made a vast Improvement! Here are 2 real life versions.

Here is the real version of the Hotbuys Feather Drop Earrings.

And here is the real life version of the Hotbuys roar Tee.

Are you going to buy any of September's hotbuys?

Save up those Stardollars! It's not cheap, you know!


Friday, 26 August 2011

123,456,789 members on Stardoll!

There will be cool things going around when there's 123,456,789 members on stardoll. Why, that amount like? :L:L

Yes, we have something bad going on here. Us and another blog have had fights ever since I actually starting with this whole blog thing. Well, now it's gotten personal! If they bug us anymore, I'll actually say their specific blog name in a post! Calling my cousin Caragh a bitch? Look, she never hacked your blog! And IF she ever did, well you should have changed your password, should have you, well she didn't anyway, it was probably one of your stranger staffs. Calling my cousin a bitch, HONESTLY! You better take all that back! You wanna know who's the bitch? The owner of your blog! You just got jealous from the moment Caragh wanted to work with me! Well you know what? I'm sick of it! And if you keep doing this crap, This row's gonna get bigger. So wise up and quit getting competitive of a dopey blog oh and messaging Aine saying "why are you working for COS" Cause it's more superior than yours! k? I'm friends with Aine. Oh and I have a life? Not sitting around, bitching about. Oh and jealousy? Not cool dude. So if you don't start growing up! I swear, you'll regret it! Sick of the negative comments from you guys, sick of the slabbering through messages and calling my cousin a bitch, you are soo gonna pay and your owners the bitch!

From a very sickened, disappointed, staff. ~Cherry..xo

P.S. Get lost:L

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

megzi10 has decided not to work with us anymore:/ She is making her own blog so it's just me, Caragh and Áine! Sorry, I'm sure you've realised is all we've been posting about is our blog and we should focus more on Stardoll and we are now getting back on to what we're supposed to be doing!

Be back later.


Free Poster

Log into stardoll then copy and paste this link into your bar!

The poster should be in a starplaza bag in your suite.

- Megzi10

New floors added to Kitsch

New floors have been added to Kitsch. Are you going to buy any? I think I might!

- Megzi10

Free Vase in the Ramadan Calendar

Free Vase in Ramadan Calendar

Today in the Ramadan calendar there is a free vase. Here is the link : to go to the Ramadan calendar and then buy it for 0sd.

- Megzi10


NOTE: There has been a certain blog (not giving its name) has been just writing negative comments about our blog. Nobody appreciates a Critic! Especially if not asked to! And for that blog? Wise up! It's pure sadness wasting your time writing absolutely crap to us. Get a flipping life and go get lost. Quit critising our blog! Oh and for like what 3 pictures?

I had permission and the others were from Google Images which had NO copyright. That was only for 3 pictures. So grow up! You're acting soo jubanile! Always something to complain about. Oh and yeah for real. I just said that! Stop thinking you are something and face reality! Enough said..

Calling us sad?! Least I don't go about wasting valuable time of my life complaining about minute details. Oh wait, I understand, you have no life to waste. Makes sense now.

ALSOO, I heard you talking to Caragh that you were progressing better. Yeah, big woop you have that amount of followers 20 odd. Aren't 4 of them followers your own? Oh, and we have more approximate views than you! Js..

Sorry, they have bugged me ever since Caragh decided to work here. >:(

2 new staff members at COS!

Thats right, we have 2 new staff working for us, ALSOO they're one of my best friends :D

onion8 and megzi10

As you might have noticed, onion8 has already been mentioned in this blog as "Miss COS of the Month" well she's came to work with us!

onion8 is Aine
megzi10 is Maeve. :)

Give them a warm welcome! :D Have a good time working at COS Maeve and Áine!

So now there is 4 of us!

Cherry..xo (me) Megan
miss_caraghm61-Caragh (also my cousin :D)
megzi10-Maeve (One of my best friends)
onion8-Áine (One of my best friends)

Hope you enjoy them! :D

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Jobs available!

Yes, we have come to the time for our blog to need workers working for us! As you might have noticed miss_caraghm61 hasn't really have been writing on this blog since this blog has been done up well honestly? I couldn't blame her:L We have ran out of ideas for our blog so we badly need some fresh ideas which could be used for this blog so here are the jobs!

Writers (Under the following category)

Stardoll Daily News on COS. We could use a bit of help as I wouldn't be doing this.
This requires: Snipping Tool from your computer (Windows 7 Home Premium/ Windows 7 Ultimate etc) If I have said your type of software atleast search is on your start engine. If it comes up you're safe. This helps to snip a pic of whatevers happening on Stardoll. All you have to do is click Snipping Tool and drag the icon to what you like and save. :)

Spoilers: To show which will be happening at the Starplaza in future, we don't like telling the secret how to reach spoilers so it would be best if you already knew this code, if not? Well, i suppose I could trust you but is best used for the people who already know.

You do not get paid for these jobs but you should be grateful to have this oppurtunity BUT..! Here's a job you could really get paid for!

Popularity!!! If you can increase our amount of followers upto 30 followers (atleast almost 30) then you will be gratefully paid! 90 Stardollars OR a superstar membership for 2 weeks including 80 stardollars.

If you get us upto 30 or atleast almost 30 we will pay you this at the end of the week!

Interested? We'll be happy to interview you. All we need is you to contact me in my guestbook. My name is: Cherry..xo please include this in your application.

Stardoll name: ________(whatever your stardoll name is)
Job you'd like to be put up for: ___________
Why should we pick you? __________
What will you bring to COS? ____________

You can also e-mail me to:, best by hotmail but I may or may not accept it live.

Thanks and don't be afraid to try!

Sorry, we haven't posted in a few days! Well, like my last post about us getting tabs for our blog, well lets just say we...FAILED! D: We'll keep trying, just writing this post to say, I am still looking at this blog EVERYDAY and it's just that I'm trying so hard to get these tabs in. HTML codes are just SOOO confusing! :S Hopefully, someone will give us some help maybe?


Contact Us

You can contact us in our guestbooks. Our names are

Cherry..xo (owner and founder of COS)
miss_caraghm61(writer and cousin of Cherry..xo)

Yes, we're cousins:D Our e-mails are:,

You can contact us live or by hotmail e-mail messages. :)

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Yes, NEWS! We will be having tabs on our blog, yes! Some for contacting us, your views on COS, and lots more to come! Awk I'm so excited :') I'll try my best to get them as soon as possible. I tried but failed yesterday :L But I'm gonna try! :D


Miss COS of the Month!


Congratulations on becoming Miss COS of the Month, onion8! You definitely deserve it. Her styles are ALWAYS unique, always extraordinary. Our motto? It's made for her! I am so proud on giving this award to her! She definitely deserves it!

Still don't understand Miss COS of the Month?

Miss COS of the Month is just a corporation of Centre of Stardoll. It gives you an oppurtunity to show your face on our blog. And get complimented positively. It's also a competition but honestly, I just chose her out of some of my Stardoll Friends because she's original and has her suite done up amazingly. Want to visit her Click her image where it says "Miss COS of the Month" at the side. Also, I'll be doing another advertisement as to who wants to be Miss COS of the Month. All you do is write your name and if I think you're good enough, then it'll be a pleasure to have you as Miss COS of the Month.

Congratz, Aine!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

This section will help you keep upto date with our blog! If we were under construction, getting new staff, new banners, vacations for any of us, COS break etc etc. :)

This section tells you your must-haves at the Starplaza such as; hotbuys, LE etc. Even regular things.

We will be having a Miss COS of the month which will be saved at the side of our blog which will be hard to miss :)

So we're late for "Miss COS of the Month August" So we're gonna look at people's suites. Want to get noticed? Comment your name!

Do you like Cherry..xo or miss_caraghm61's presentation? The background? The fonts? Well we could make one for you! No hack! No password needed. We'll post more soon for details.

Monday, 15 August 2011

How amazing?!

This amazing, deserving national covergirl winner of Great Britain had one on 14th August! She was amazing, unfortunately I don't have her name but look at this picture!

Isn't that face creative?! Made artistically, and originally by this girl using hearts and moles and tear drops etc! To make this fabulous look.

Some styles aren't weird.
They're just different!

That is our blog's motto.
Lady Gaga inspired, to be honest!

A whole new COS!

So, as you may or may not have noticed. Our whole blogs been done up :D

Background, banner. :D

ALSOO...we will be having sections on COS, most wanted in the starplaza, miss COS of august etc etc! Which will be at the side of our blog, hard to miss. :)

AND MOREE! Ah, i'm so excited. Hahaha. ;D

Also, we all love some gossip about certain medolls.

Bye for now, love you all! :*

Megan and Caragh are back!

Ok, so we haven't been posting for a whole month! Well, we're sorry! :/ But we're finally back! Currently our blog is under construction getting a better banner and background(:

Keep Visiting(: xo

Added on: We will not be doing daily stardoll news. It's completely pointless! Duh, we know there's probably a new shop! Or something else like an offer. You're already on Stardoll to find that out, but instead we'll have a few new sections. Still letting our creativity flow with ideas. We'll exclaim them soon enough!

Bye for now!

ALSOOOOOO, Caragh, my cousin was sleeping over at my house not so long ago and we just happened to go on Stardoll talking to the owner of another brilliant blog, doggielover666. Saying they're doing well unlike COS. Trueeeeee, but don't be so harsh about it, we're going to make you EAT your words! >:(