Monday, 16 January 2012

Under Construction

Nope, we're not completely back, like I said I quit but I decided to make a part-time position in this blog. This blog will no longer be a stardoll blog..but I've wrote to inform you that it'll be something more kaboom! Cause I'm very descriptive and all...
Well, like more controversial really..

Stardoll Radio!
It'll give every one of my writers a chance to be a podcaster, but not every writer may have the chance, you will need the following to do this task

-A mic. (It may be built-in to your computer/laptop/netbook/mac etc.)
-A facebook or spreaker account (Spreaker is the power engine to our radio which lets us podcast onto our blog)
-Music downloaded (access to utorrent/itunes or music in your library) *NOTE* You don't always need music, you can just have the oppurtunity to speak and give an important note. :)

If you are interested in taking part in the process, simply guestbook me for more info:) My name on Stardoll is Cherry..xo in case you don't already know.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Farewell Podcast

I will be doing a tribute podcast for my blog as it will be closed, permanently. :/

Sorry if you liked our blog, but I really couldn't see that anyone would like it to be honest.

So, yeah, I'll make a little podcast for you'se all! :)

Thankss for supporting us! :) But it's time for me and this blog to go our seperate ways I guess.(;


Friday, 6 January 2012

Banner Touch-Ups

So I was looking at the banner and I thought it needed some touch-ups and I polished it up a little. If you dont see any difference here is what the banner looked like and I've put some red circles around the changes:
What do you think? Tell me in comments! Oh and I hope you also know about the big construction at my blog at the moment. It is gonna look fab! Remember to follow by clicking >>>HERE<<<. It will open a new window for you :) Hope to see you all there! 
From Vikkah ♥

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Co-owner of COS!

(Do not mind my horrible graphics, it literally look about 5 minutes to do :/ AND I used paint :L) Well, doggielover666 is our co-owner of this blog, it's official! She is trust-worthy, responsible and really smart, tbh. :L 
You never know, I might decide to leave Stardoll and decide to promote her to be the official owner of Centre of Stardoll. Then she'd have two blogs! One which is already fantastic! :) 

You'll enjoy her, really. :)

New Co Owner

Hey guys! Well Im gonna be the new co owner now! Thanks to Megan! So I'm like gonna be your new Megan! :D

I came on to check my blog..

Well I came on to check my blog that the banner was changed? With no permission from me? Darby01, Yeah, I appreciate your effort but you gave me no permission whatsoever. You just went and did it? No offence but I prefer my banner, sorry, I'm very open-minded, sorry if that was tight. Had to be said. And, you're just a writer, no more than that! So, no, never do that again..or there WILL be consequences..

Sorry if this made any inconvenience to occur? :/


Inspirational MeDoll

Hey guys!

This is my last post before take my break Its like midnight on the 5th of Januray in Australia which tecnically means that its the 6th which is the day i take my break. I will not be on for 8 days and in the meantime, any of the other writiers are welcome to post for my segment because i can't make drafts as they are never as good as when i do and post on the spot. I tried and it turned out horrible. So yeah.

The amazing doll that is the main feature of this post is none other than the amazingly talented:


So, hands up to those who don't know who this girl is? I totally knew it, EVERYONE KNOWS WHO SHE IS! Everyone has at least heard of this girl. She is such an  amazing doll, that i have very few words to describe her in detail. This girl is mainly known by her fabulous make-up tutorials on Youtube, click <HERE> to visit her channel and look at exactly what i am talking about. She has a real talent for what she does, and it is really obvious that she does put time and effort in to every one of her tutorials. She doesn't update too often, but she does have a reasonable space between each tutorial which makes them oh so much more fabulous. Not only that but this girl has one of the best suites i have seen on Stardoll, it is really unique and interesting, as Lel has unique style that i love in every Stardoller out there.

Lel is also known by her blog, that is dedicated to Stardoll. It is a really good blog that i visit every few days because she writes about interesting things that have to do with Stardoll and what she does. Her blog is also very informative with things like Starpoints, and new collections. Not only that but her blog does have things about hackers and some of the more controversial happenings on Stardoll. To visit her blog click <HERE> Like i said, this girl has very unique style that i personally love. She has some of the best layered outfirts i have ever seen, and layering is truly her strength, because all of her layered outfits are spectacular and are daring but restrained at the same time. I will tell you that is very hard to do, especially on Stardoll.

And now for my favourite part of my Inspirational MeDoll posts;

Bozana Pasic's Words of Wisdom Inspired by the Inspirational MeDoll: "Be unique in everything, try to not get swayed by what other people do, because being unique is the only real safe way to go!"

So guys, take a page out of Lel's handbook, be unique. Whether its on your Stardoll page, Youtube chanel, blog, whatever, just be your unique self. There is no substitute for who you are as an individual because it does help in the end. Because trends are never safe, they fade like the fakes out there, so be true to yourself, your uniquness.

A member since 2006, Lel has achieved Stardoll Royalty, is a Starblogger, she has won NCG twice and has had numerous placings around Stardoll. Outside of her Official Stardoll achievements, this girl also has a very successful blog and Youtube Channel with devoted followers and subscribers. I hope that you achieve much more in the future and that you continue to grace Stardoll with your wonderful presence. All the best for the new year.

Here are some pics of this gorgeous doll :



a.k.a Bozana Pasic

Evil Panda Fluro

  Hey girls,

I normally don't post this, but i got it in my messages and decided to share. Okay so its a new collection of clothing in Evil Panda, and when i clicked on it i was taken to the store. There aren't many new items maybe 20 odd items, and I'm not a really big fan. There are some really nice pieces that would be worth investing in, but apart from that the majority is in stardollars and very few items in starcoins. What do you guys think?



Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Banner! ♥ :D

Hello! Darby here!

I've created a new banner, I thought it was time for a new one! ☺What do you think? Do you like it or not?

Leave some comments, Darby! ♥ xx

RIO Metal Head! ☺♣

Hey! So, 2 members of outr blog have left unfortunately, but I think me, Princess_111111 and CaitlinNo.1 are still in it! Have I missied anyone? Let me know if I have! ♥

So, went to checkout my messages today and saw that RIO MetalHead was out, and here it is! :)

RIO is not normally my favourite shop, but I quite like this collection! :)

It's on a price range of 3-15 Stardollars and 32-95 Starcoins! Yay! Non-SuperStars get it as well! (I'm Superstar).

My favourites: Well, I like the Gold Plated Asymmetric Dress, the Gilded Evantail Minidress, and the Gold Plated Leggings and I think the Triangular Silver Purse is cute too! ♥

My dislikes: the Black Iridescent Jeans, and I'm not too big on any of the shoes/scarves/accessories down the bottom.

What are your thoughts? ☺Your favourites?

xx Let me know what you think, Darby! ♥ ;D xx

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

I'm leaving Centre of Stardoll.. :/

I acc need to get a life, no, really, I like have one..duh:L. But like I need to be more outgoing with my social life. My horoscope's also said that 2012 is going to be an exciting year with new beginnings and I'll be very sociable. I know it seems like a pretty stupid excuse but I really need to be out there having fun? :L I'm 13.

Also, I really cant afford slacking off at school. What I want in life is alot to ask? :/ So, yeah, I guess I'll choose one of my writers or something to be the co-owner of the blog..

I know, i worked really hard on the blog, I got my 100 followers by Christmas and it does have a lot of memories really. But, it just has to be this way.


New HotBuys Shorts! ♥

Hello! Darby here! :) There are new HotBuys: HotBuys Shorts. They are purple on one half and blue with white stars on the other and they are for sale in Evil Panda for 17 Stardollars. I think that is quite expensive for a pair of shorts! They are nice, but I don't think they're worth that sort of money! Here is a picture of the shorts:

What do you think? Are you going to be buying them? ♥

xx Leave some comments, Darby! ☺

New Splendid!

-Click to enlarge-

Most people probably already know about this but for those who don't read their messages :)



So girls, I'm leaving this blog because nobody updates anything. I've just woke up (It's 10:30 AM in my country) and I've found that there is a new hot buy, new items in Splendid, spoilers, and more and nobody has posted anything so i think this the last time I post here.. Thanks Cherry..xo for letting me enter here and write.

I'm creating a new feature called "Amazed!" ♦

Hello guys, I'm creating a new feature called "Amazed!" When I come across an amazing album/medoll/suite/scenery etc. I will post here! And if you want me to check you out, just comment and I'll have a look! ;) ♥ I'll also be doing some interviews, so be prepare to be Amazed! ♥

xx Darby! :) ♣ xx

Monday, 2 January 2012

DVF Last Chance

Only have until Wednesday to buy from DVF.
To be honest, I never knew it was out.
I'll take a look considering I have some stardollars. (;

Pretty 'n' Love 25% or 50%?

(Click to Enlarge)

It says at the top of the message "Pretty n' Love 50% off"
Then the picture says 25%


Inspirational MeDoll

Hey guys,

Today i will spare you the my boring foreword, and just get to it,

The first Inspirational MeDoll of 2012, is none other than one of the awesomest people i have ever met on Stardoll and this person is the lovely,


As all of you may already know, doggielover666 is the proud  owner of the media partner of this blog Stardoll on Camera. I just have to tell you guys how nice and understanding this girl is. I have seen through her posts both here on COS and her own blog that she is trying really hard to get her blog of the ground. I really admire her resilience and her strength to not give up even though she is having a hard time with her blog not getting any comments or contributors.

So, why is this girl Inspirational?
For one, her strength to continue fighting for what she believes is good and true, i.e. her blog and how she wants it to succeed.
Two, she is always coming up with great ideas to help her blog shoot through the ranks and gain more followers, comments, and contributes.
Three, She never gives up on things that are close to her. There are times in life where we all quit, but this girl is special in the way that she bounced back, came back and wouldn't accept failure. There are very few people like that out there and it's pretty important to know someone who is.

I guess there are a lot of things to learn from this girl, and not just from her blog, but from her suite and doll as well. She isn't afraid to try new styles, to mix and match in ways that people might not like. Because im pretty sure she understands the meaning of true style. And when the infamous attack of fashionpolice68 came along, she was the one that said what she wanted to say and decided that she wasnt going to waste her energy on haters, because afterall, haters gonna hate. Visit her suite by clicking <HERE>.

Bozana Pasic's Words of Wisdom Inspired by the Inspirational MeDoll: "You can never have too much strength, whether it is in continuing what you love, putting up with them haters or any other challenge in life, remember that you are stronger than you think and your strength is unlimited."

So really, take a leaf out of this girls handbook and learn something from her. Vikkah, YOU ARE AMAZING AND DON'T FORGET IT. Shel was kind to accept my application to write for her blog and i am really thankful for that, because not only do i write under a different section, but i have a whole new audience to present my posts to.

A member since 2009, Vikkah has been Superstar which is a pretty good achievement, she has made a blog which a lot of people don't do and she has grown on Stardoll to become the Inspiring MeDoll that she truly is. All of the best for the year to come and i hope that your hard work is rewarded!

Here are some pics of this amazing doll:

All the happiness for the New Year to everyone!



a.k.a Bozana Pasic

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Stardoll tricked us again..

As you can see now we get a gift and 40 starcoins instead of the 5 Stardollars.. It was good while it lasted