Friday, 23 December 2011

Inpsirational MeDoll

I'm probably flooding everyone's blog feeds with my posts, but i'm trying to get as many posts done as possible. Why? I'll give you three major reasons why:
1. I will be away from 1st to the 10th of January 2012
2. Have you checked how many members are on Stardoll lately?
3. My list of Inspirational MeDoll's is long, and growing, thats only whats been written down.

So dont complain guys! These dolls need their recognition! :D

Just a quick note, if you ask me to feature you in this post i won't, unless i BELIEVE you are Inspirational. It's not fair to the people that actually put in the hardyards on this site. A lot of people pay money for a bunch of pixels so respect that :).

I am also looking in to hiring co-writers for this section, and once i get approval i will set up an application and everyone will be able to apply. :)

Okay on with the show,
today's amazing, stunning, fabulous doll is none other than the astounding,


This amazing Stardoller, has risen to skyrocketing fame in the past few months! I originally found her by looking through Hottest Design, and seeing the designs that she had done. Let me tell you, they are fabulous! Although I'm too poor to afford them ahem. Her discovery didn't stop there, i then clicked on her suite and was gobsmacked at how gorgeous it is! It is so well crafted that you won't believe how good it truly is! Not only that, she has an amazing album full of creativity and style. So obviously, she deserves a spot in the limelight! Click <HERE> to se EXACTLY what i am talking about!

A member since 2008, Suzy (as she is called by all), has achieved Stardoll Royalty, and has also become one of the Stardoll Elite. She has been the Top Designer more than once, has won National Covergirl 8 times (HOLY....), has had the best scenery, starmovie AND album, on top of which she has recieved various placings for Covergirl, Hottest Design and Catwalk. If this girl isn't inspirational then i don't know what is. It really shows that hardwork, effort and dedication can take you anywhere in this world.

Here are some pics of this gorgeous doll:




  1. I love 's medoll its amazing

  2. I've seen BritnayFun, her work is gorgeous!