Tuesday, 20 December 2011


We have got no comments in the posts we're making, well we get the odd comment now and again, but I'd prefer if you all contributed to the blog.

So, I came up with a Solution!

The top commenters and contributors at the end of the week will be awarded
20 stardollars!
 I know it's not alot but just think receiving that week in and week out, it could leave you minted! : D

Besides, the runners up, 2nd and 3rd will receive 10 stardollars each.

We'll leave warning on each and every one of your guestbooks.

You see, the reason we're doing this is cause I feel like our blog is just been exposed basically. There's NO viewers whatsoever, and the fact that people comment on our posts makes us feel that you's do visit us regulary so I'd deeply appreciate if you could contribute to this blog, as of today onwards. Also, this blog is going to be more civilised, it's not going to just be like a regular blog, Things will make the blog look controversial! Wait and see! I have ideas written down on my Stciky Notes (;

*NOTE* Our Christmas Radio Podcast will be broadcasted soon! Supposably tomorrow or 22nd December.

Thanks for Reading!!
~Cherry..xo, founder.