Friday, 23 December 2011

The Stardoll Game!

As simple as it is, I've been playing this game with my friend, Catherine called the Stardoll Game. It's very enjoyable and if you have a keen eye for fashion, this will suit you!

We did this through a live chat room and we choose a theme. For example, me and Catherine's theme was "Emo". DONT CHANGE YOUR WHOLE DOLL UP! Just change her look in the beauty parlour. Here are some examples of our doll.


Catherine's theme..

Then you vote your favourite in a poll.
Interested in having a game of it? You win 40 Stardollars! We would like to have 7 people competiting at the least, so please comment if you want to participate.

NOTE: You can send your pics in using tinypic or post it on your blog and I'll save it. Anything like that!

I'll guestbook you's to see if you're interested.


  1. I'm very much so interested i think the first theme we should do is princess like bright and colorful things. but anyways i think i might have trouble up loading photos but right now I'm doing ok but if theres any problem ill tell you guys--thats a yes for me -dish101 -on stardoll 2

  2. yh i'll do it i think the first theme we should do is like christmas cuz after all it is christmas or even like vogue/chić. Anyway now u know im interested :)

  3. I would love to compete! And I think Catherine's was really good :D