Saturday, 17 December 2011

Inspirational MeDoll

Hey guys!

Sorry I haven't been posting lately, but I've been super busy with other things(MY YEAR 10 FORMAL, GRADUATION, WORK), and I honestly don't know if i can keep this up! But anyways, I have found an Inspirational MeDoll for you all! :)

Okay, so today we have the amazing, spectacular, fabulous and overall astounding,


So, i really wanted to thank Megan for the writing gig, and that i really am sorry that i'm not posting. Anyways, I think this girl is amazing! She manages to keep this blog running, and what a greta blog it is! I truly think that she is inspirational because she doesn't give up and she has in the past been fighting for this blog! The amount of effort you put in is off the chain girl!

A member since 2010, Cherry..xo has achieved Royalty status, National Covergirl and i can freely say she has been a great friend to me on Stardoll! I hope the very best for you till next year sweetie, and with many more achievements to come!

Here are some pics of this fabulous doll:

Once again Megan, thanks for the wonderful oppurtunity that you gave me. I will be posting more often, and i have many more Inspirational MeDolls up my sleeve!



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  1. I'm surprised no one else has posted yet. I saw all your other Inspirational Medolls before I saw this one, and I think it's very sweet of you to be giving people the limelight they deserve. Continue the good work :)