Monday, 26 December 2011

Banner, HELP!

Well obviously Christmas day is over so I'll need to be changing the banner real soon! I'm trying to make a banner but knowing me I'll be most likely to fail at it. The banner is of a font saying Centre of Stardoll. And two girls posing one with the girls arm wrapped around her friends neck, I'll give a go at it tomorrow. Also, I'd like MORE commenters and just abut more contribution to the blog, don't get me wrong, the contribution made to he blog is already great but I'd appreciate a vast improvement being made. NOTE: don't forget, you'll be finding out who is the top commenter and will win 20 star dollars! Try and win week in and week out and you can be minted with stardoll money. :D ~Cherry..xo

1 comment:

  1. I think your banner idea sounds good, but you could always check out people for banners. I know only one person who makes banners - avrilluvsu. Maybe you'll get lucky and stumble upon a club for graphic designers? Who knows. Good luck :)