Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Inspirational MeDoll

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Yes, i am a very happy chappy on this fine Wednesday night (Australian Time), i've drunken my weight in peppermint tea, and have decided that it is once again, time for another Inspirational MeDoll!

I cannot believe that I have left this doll to do so late in my time here as a writer, so of course without further ado, i present to you the fabulous, inspiring and one of the most AMAZING Stardollers that has ever graced the presence of the Stardoll world,


I know what your thinking, OMG! BOZANA! Why so long? well to be honest, i really didn't realise that i hadnt put her on to my list until i was doing my daily Stardoll stalking of the elite. So, lets begin by saying that there are not enough words in any of the hundreds of languages around the world to describe this girl. For one she was the very first Miss Stardoll World (achievement right there gurlfriend) and for good reason. The first time i stumbled upon this girls suite was waay back in i think June of 2010, and i was AMAZED at her suite. I thought it was fabulous, and a suite you should all be aquainted with, click <HERE> if you want to be re-aquainted OR are a mole that lives underground have not already seen it. It was the first intricately designed suite i had stumbled upon on Stardoll and since then have discovered the likes of Baby-Lulu36(whom has been a previous Inspirational MeDoll). Anyway, away from my rambling.... this girl has truly been inspirational from her doll to her sceneries!

This amazing doll is totally deservant of her current Stardoll fame, and her achievements, which SHE DESERVED and did not just get by winning Miss Stardoll World. This contest just got her recognised after all. I just LOVE LOVE her, her style and her ability to just about capture everyones hearts with her cute presentation and her creativity which can be seen through her Stardoll page. What i am trying to get at guys is that perilice2, as many members on Stardoll seem to think, is not a famehogger. There are people who REALLY deserve the recognition on Stardoll that they get, and she is one of them. Sure, she probably did spend a HUGE amount of money, but what i'm trying to get you guys to realise is that there are some REALLY talented people out there, THAT DEDICATE THEIR LIVES to sites like Stardoll. This spurs on my words of inspiration for this post.

Bozana Pasic's Words of Wisdom Inspired by the Inspirational MeDoll: "Dedication is they key to any type of success!That and persistence with what you love."
Obviously perilice2 has shown this through her Stardoll page, while i show my passion, writing, through my stories and this blog. perilice2 has inspired me to continue with my passions, and i hope she inspires you too!

A member since 2007, perilice2 has become the first ever Miss Stardoll World, has won Covergirl, Best Album, Best Scenery, Stardoll Miss Turkey, National Covergirl 8 times, International Women's Day Contest 3 and various placings for Covergirl, Catwalk, Best Scenery and Album etc. AND SHE HAS HER OWN DOLL ON STARDOLL!!!, seeing as Stardoll first started off as Paper Doll Heaven, this is a major, major, major thing for someone to win!! Just seing her achievements spurrs me on to be more passionate about my work. As you can see, perilice has proven to us that dedication and persistence are the keys to becoming famous on Stardoll (that and ALOT of money, but being ruch is not inportant!).

Here are some pics of this truly stunning doll:



a.k.a Bozana Pasic

"Dedication is they key to any type of success!That and persistence with what you love."


  1. What a gorgeous doll! And to have won the first ever Miss Stardoll World is a feat in itself. One, you don't know what people are expecting, and two, it's a whole new competition that Stardoll presents! I think that if you win you get your own doll, so perhaps that's how she got hers.