Saturday, 10 December 2011

Inspirational MeDoll

Hey guys,

I am SO sorry for not posting earlier, but my laptop managed to die! So i had my uncle fixing it for the past week and a bit. So without further a do, i will present the latest Inspirational MeDoll !

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls i give you the fabulous,


This girly is a friend of the awesome Cherry..xo, who runs this blog, and i have it on good authority, that this chick is ultra fabulous. (Yes, i have an inhumane obsession with that word).  I am personally in love with her presentation, which in my opinion is really really chic and glamorous. Some of the make-up i have seen from this member is quite extradonary too! Lets just say she is the whole package!!

A member since 2007, Onion8 has achieved Royalty status, 3 game trophies with more to come, i hope!
Here are some photos of this fabulous girl :




  1. wel done aine on gettin that!! xoxox

  2. Thanks Megan! The last pic isn't my doll though :L Someone asked me to put the 4000sp hair on for them and take a pic.

  3. Sorry about that! I was trying to find some pictures of you for the blog that would accentuate your style! I'll remove it right away,

    -- Princess_111111

  4. Really lovely! Congratulations Onion8 :)