Sunday, 25 September 2011

COS is closing down

I am sick of this!! Whole fights on blogs, frickin pathetic!

Centre of Stardoll is officially closing down.

Viva Stardoll has copied our idea of a radio. You can have your radio. I'm leaving! Fighting and now copying. And you're honestly saying WE'RE giving YOU a hard time.

Also, my laptop is in no shape to be doing graphics, new ideas or A RADIO. So hope Viva Stardoll's happy now.

Cause, I'm done here.

Feel free to comment and we'd like to know if you didn't want us to be shut down. But, no one visits our blogs anyway. Not wasting anymore time.

Friday, 16 September 2011


Hello, followers/viewers!

I will be live on air very soon!

Here's the link! But don't click it just yet! You'd need to refresh the page in order to get on air. Just simply copy and paste this to your URL bar:!/user/moosaystheduck

for example: just delete that and copy and paste that^ Requests so far!


oh and a request for me:L

I'll write down below when I'm on air.

On air? No/Yes

Not on air just yet!

NOTE: Sorry, there was a fault yesterday, it took me a while to get your requests. Also, my laptop couldn't handle the pressure so it froze. -.- Cheap.

Be on air tonight, promise!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Don't worry! We're still visiting and aware that we haven't wrote in a while! Well, we're getting a graphic designer to do our new banner, a new background, etc!



Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, either of us will be live on air, we'll give you a link to listen to us live, you can give us requests, etc!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Shes Back!

Hello Dear Followers!
Miss_CaraghM61 here.
I'm back! And ready to roll....
I really couldn't be bothered that much with stardoll as I used to be.
Its quite boring now?
So , I hope you have fun reading?
hehe, bye.