Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone! It's 2012! :D I hope you all have a happy new year, and I hope that this year is fantastic for you all! ♥ What is your New Years Resolution?
Mine is to win Covergirl! ;)
Were you lucky enough to see the fireworks last night? I did, on TV! XD A firework in Melbourne actually caught alight on this building and the fire brigade had to put it out, spoiling the 12:00am fireworks! :'(

Anyway, have a brilliant new year!

xx Darby! ♥ :)

P.S. This might me a bit early to some of you, I'm in Australia and today's NYD and it still might be NYE where you live! ;D xx


Girls, for graphics will be ready for tomorrow 'cause now i gotta go so.. HAPPY NEW YEAR GIRLS <3

Nicki :]


Hey girls! I'm doing dolls inspired in famous people:) If you want one comment which one you'd like to have and i'll do it just for you :) Now i'm doing a Nicki Minaj doll! When I finish it i'll post it!

The Autobiography of COS

We'll be having an autobiography of our blog soon. It'll contain information about the writers/owner. Information about the blog and the ideas. 

Hope it'll go well..
What do you think of the idea? :)


Friday, 30 December 2011

Inspirational MeDoll

Hello Children!

I guess you guys already know what time it is! Yes! Its Inspirational MeDoll time with your host Princess_111111! Ladies and Gentlemen... oh i just can't be bothered with the words -.-. Happy New Year to everyone! Currently(in Australia) its 8 more hours till the fireworks spectacular!

The final Inspirational MeDoll for 2011 is none other than the fabulous, astounding, amazing, terrific,


This amazing doll is one of my absolute favourites and I just love her suite, WHICH IS SERIOUSLY AMAZING AND SHOULD VISIT IT BY CLICKING <HERE>, doll and well designs. We should all be familliar with her as she has been one of the most popular Fashion deisgners in Stardoll History! Her designs were seen in almost every suite, from her adorable Minnie Mouse to her replications of the Dior logo! Not to mention the fact that she is an uber talented doll, with a passion for Interior as well! I read through her amazing presentation and at the very end it were the words. "My rares will die with me"

Which brings me to my point of todays post. I see that a lot of people trade or sell their rares, without any idea as to what they are selling. Sure, rares are a bunch of pixels, but I still think that there is sentimental value in them. People treat Stardoll too much like a business instead of a game. I mean i have 1 RARE and I WILL NEVER UNDER ANY CURCMSTANCE GIVE IT TO ANYONE ELSE NO MATTER THE COST. Because, whats the point of collecting when you're just gonna give pieces of your collection away. 

Enough with my ramblings and on to this doll. Fickyficky is one of the "adults" on Stardoll, meaning that she is over 20 years old. I find it really wonderful that she still has time for her inner child to be shone to the world. I know alot of adults that are miserable,and this doll just proves that you can still indulge yourself in games without being ashamed. I mean i adore her for this! And i feel that Stardoll is for everyone, and Fickyficky just proves this! I forgot to mention, that not only if Fickyficky one of the best Stardollers ever, but she is super kind and thoughtful! If you read her presentation you can see that she really puts effort in to her Stardoll page and that she does pay attention to all of the people she has met on Stardoll! Not only that but she also gives great advice! 

Bozana Pasic's Words of Wisdom Inspired by the Inspirational MeDoll: "No matter your age, you must still indulge in your inner child, whether its a game, show etc. , learn to not be afraid and instead do it!"

So really, any adults reading this; don't be afraid of what you like! I mean i still love Winx Club and for god's sake im 16! It doesn't matter, it shouldn't matter because EVERYONE has an inner child, and Fickyficky is Inspirational for not being afraid to show it!

A member since 2010, Fickyficky has had the Best Album, Best Design(more than once), is a Starblogger on Stardoll,  has been National Covergirl (more than once) and Best Scenery. There probably many more achievements this girl has recieved that I am unaware of (once again, the Stardoll archive system is horrible and by archive system i mean by looking at the dates people have won things, which takes FOREVER).

Give a round of applause for the Final Inspirational MeDoll of 2011! Let's hope for a great kickstart to 2012!


Here are some pics of this amazing doll:



a.k.a Bozana Pasic

Free Dress

Use manual proxy: or search in and then enter to and answer the formulary


Hey, I logged into Stardoll and i saw that message about the sale, and when i got to the Starplaza there was no sale. Does anyone now what happened?

Starplaza Sale-Wait!

So I went to Starplaza, and I was looking in Bonjour Bizou, then I saw items that were half price! I went through all the stores and these are the shops with half priced items: (Not all, only selected items). RIO, Folk, Stardoll, Fudge, Pretty'n'Love, Voile, Decades, and Tingeling! Will post some images later! xx Darby! ♥

Starplaza Sale 50%... ?

Hey everyone, today I received this message:
But when I went to Starplaza, there were no items at all on sale. Maybe it's for next year? (Tomorrow) ;)I can't wait to spend some money! :) Are you going to buy anything? ♥ I am! What are your thoughts about this? ☺ xx Darby :)

Glam'R'Us it's out

Okay, so, there is new jewelry and they changed the background:) do you like it?

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Free flower

You just have to host a party in this link

New writer! ♥ Darby01

Hey everyone! I'm the new writer, Darby! My Stardoll username is Darby01 (click to go to my suite, a new window will be opened). I am very happy to be writing for Centre of Stardoll, and it would be great if you could comment and give me feedback!

Hope you're having great holidays, Darby! ☺ xx

Top commenter is..

Here are the scores of all the commenters from Wednesday 21st-Wednesday28th

In no particular order..

I toddled up the scores and I'm proud to reveal that the person who made the most comments (and contribution, dare I say, with her long comments) Loominguline!



I will guestbook you in order to receive your 20 stardollars!!

Keep the comments going and you can win 20 stardollars next week! :)

Appreciate all them commenters up here by the way!

New 'Voile Holiday Bazaar'

Yesterday has been released a new Shop... the Voile Holiday Bazaar... it's full of amazing dresses and lovely accessories there are even some Non superstar items (All the accessories and shoes).
I think it's so cool...
XOXO SabruntaPaaam

New floors in PopShop

They look great! And they are related with New Year Eve's


So, we get 3SC for voting 3 times?

Mmh.. it looks like we're getting just 3 Starcoins if we vote in all of them..

New place to vote!!

Now they're all in the same page! Do you like it?

Inspirational MeDoll

Heelllooooo followwwweeerrrsss of this blog!

Yes, i am a very happy chappy on this fine Wednesday night (Australian Time), i've drunken my weight in peppermint tea, and have decided that it is once again, time for another Inspirational MeDoll!

I cannot believe that I have left this doll to do so late in my time here as a writer, so of course without further ado, i present to you the fabulous, inspiring and one of the most AMAZING Stardollers that has ever graced the presence of the Stardoll world,


I know what your thinking, OMG! BOZANA! Why so long? well to be honest, i really didn't realise that i hadnt put her on to my list until i was doing my daily Stardoll stalking of the elite. So, lets begin by saying that there are not enough words in any of the hundreds of languages around the world to describe this girl. For one she was the very first Miss Stardoll World (achievement right there gurlfriend) and for good reason. The first time i stumbled upon this girls suite was waay back in i think June of 2010, and i was AMAZED at her suite. I thought it was fabulous, and a suite you should all be aquainted with, click <HERE> if you want to be re-aquainted OR are a mole that lives underground have not already seen it. It was the first intricately designed suite i had stumbled upon on Stardoll and since then have discovered the likes of Baby-Lulu36(whom has been a previous Inspirational MeDoll). Anyway, away from my rambling.... this girl has truly been inspirational from her doll to her sceneries!

This amazing doll is totally deservant of her current Stardoll fame, and her achievements, which SHE DESERVED and did not just get by winning Miss Stardoll World. This contest just got her recognised after all. I just LOVE LOVE her, her style and her ability to just about capture everyones hearts with her cute presentation and her creativity which can be seen through her Stardoll page. What i am trying to get at guys is that perilice2, as many members on Stardoll seem to think, is not a famehogger. There are people who REALLY deserve the recognition on Stardoll that they get, and she is one of them. Sure, she probably did spend a HUGE amount of money, but what i'm trying to get you guys to realise is that there are some REALLY talented people out there, THAT DEDICATE THEIR LIVES to sites like Stardoll. This spurs on my words of inspiration for this post.

Bozana Pasic's Words of Wisdom Inspired by the Inspirational MeDoll: "Dedication is they key to any type of success!That and persistence with what you love."
Obviously perilice2 has shown this through her Stardoll page, while i show my passion, writing, through my stories and this blog. perilice2 has inspired me to continue with my passions, and i hope she inspires you too!

A member since 2007, perilice2 has become the first ever Miss Stardoll World, has won Covergirl, Best Album, Best Scenery, Stardoll Miss Turkey, National Covergirl 8 times, International Women's Day Contest 3 and various placings for Covergirl, Catwalk, Best Scenery and Album etc. AND SHE HAS HER OWN DOLL ON STARDOLL!!!, seeing as Stardoll first started off as Paper Doll Heaven, this is a major, major, major thing for someone to win!! Just seing her achievements spurrs me on to be more passionate about my work. As you can see, perilice has proven to us that dedication and persistence are the keys to becoming famous on Stardoll (that and ALOT of money, but being ruch is not inportant!).

Here are some pics of this truly stunning doll:



a.k.a Bozana Pasic

"Dedication is they key to any type of success!That and persistence with what you love."

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Comment as much as you can! We are announcing the Top Commenter (also contributor) to the blog and will be giving out 20 stardollars to them! :)

Hey, this is Cherry..xo. I like tinita144's banner, however, i like my doll's poses and my Centre of Stardol font, but I love tinita144's background, how'd you do it?

And maybe we can make it mix together to make one good banner. :)


Okay, so, i was bored and i saw you were trying to find a new banner and i've given my try haha. Well, it could have been better but i've done it in a few minutes so it's passable i think :) If you like it let Cherry..xo now and comment this post so it gets to be our next banner!

Would this be ok for a banner?/:

Please have your say and opinionate on this photo. Click image to enlarge.
Would this be ok for our blog's banner? As Christmas is over, well in the UK anyway and I don't really bother with "The 12 Days of Christmas". Would this be ok?

I tried my best like but I've sorta failed.. :/

Please tell me what you think.

Don't be saying it's great when it probably isn't, just give your honest opinion. :)


Stardoll Glitch!

Sorry I know I haven't posted in a while, but I have found a glitch to get to jacket thing for 5 starcoins.
First go to 'search' in starplaza 

Then go to 'Jackets & Coats' then 'Orange'

Then click 'Search'

Then this should come up,

Thanks ☺ 

Voile Holiday Shop?

First of all, it's TOO LATE to open this shop. Also, there where no ads and now these items are floating in the Starplaza because they don't have a shop..

Stardoll Glitch

I was going to buy today's hot buy.
Little did I know, I was expecting to pay the mirror for around 12 stardollars. It came up 0? It's a Hot Buy! How can it be 0?! I definitely think this is a glitch.
But I bought it like a boss. (;

Wait a sec..-_-
I had 66 I only have 51..

Tight ..... enough said.

Hotbuys 25th-31st

~Click Image to Enlarge~

This is the Hot Buys for the remaining of this month.
Are you going to buy any?
Which piece of clothing or item is your favourite?
Have your say and comment. :)
Personally, mine would be the dress. Looks very chíc and elegant.