Friday, 26 August 2011

Yes, we have something bad going on here. Us and another blog have had fights ever since I actually starting with this whole blog thing. Well, now it's gotten personal! If they bug us anymore, I'll actually say their specific blog name in a post! Calling my cousin Caragh a bitch? Look, she never hacked your blog! And IF she ever did, well you should have changed your password, should have you, well she didn't anyway, it was probably one of your stranger staffs. Calling my cousin a bitch, HONESTLY! You better take all that back! You wanna know who's the bitch? The owner of your blog! You just got jealous from the moment Caragh wanted to work with me! Well you know what? I'm sick of it! And if you keep doing this crap, This row's gonna get bigger. So wise up and quit getting competitive of a dopey blog oh and messaging Aine saying "why are you working for COS" Cause it's more superior than yours! k? I'm friends with Aine. Oh and I have a life? Not sitting around, bitching about. Oh and jealousy? Not cool dude. So if you don't start growing up! I swear, you'll regret it! Sick of the negative comments from you guys, sick of the slabbering through messages and calling my cousin a bitch, you are soo gonna pay and your owners the bitch!

From a very sickened, disappointed, staff. ~Cherry..xo

P.S. Get lost:L


  1. Oh so Im the Bitch???? Look Megan, I never started any fights, you called the battles and you got the battles! You can continue to play that game of your posting all this on your blog and acting like its like an earthquake. But I don't want to play this game okay? I quit! Keep on like this, trouble yourself and continue your lifeless life. I've heard about you and at least I can say Hello to strangers not like you?! So go ahead critisise me, judge me curse me! I don't care. Maybe you are just too good at this gamee but you can save all these nasty comments and bitchin to your self!

    Wow :L like grow up, And all so owner of my blog just ignore them were gonna get a bad name fighting back just let them waste there time as much as they want