Tuesday, 23 August 2011


NOTE: There has been a certain blog (not giving its name) has been just writing negative comments about our blog. Nobody appreciates a Critic! Especially if not asked to! And for that blog? Wise up! It's pure sadness wasting your time writing absolutely crap to us. Get a flipping life and go get lost. Quit critising our blog! Oh and for like what 3 pictures?

I had permission and the others were from Google Images which had NO copyright. That was only for 3 pictures. So grow up! You're acting soo jubanile! Always something to complain about. Oh and yeah for real. I just said that! Stop thinking you are something and face reality! Enough said..

Calling us sad?! Least I don't go about wasting valuable time of my life complaining about minute details. Oh wait, I understand, you have no life to waste. Makes sense now.

ALSOO, I heard you talking to Caragh that you were progressing better. Yeah, big woop you have that amount of followers 20 odd. Aren't 4 of them followers your own? Oh, and we have more approximate views than you! Js..

Sorry, they have bugged me ever since Caragh decided to work here. >:(

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