Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Miss COS of the Month!


Congratulations on becoming Miss COS of the Month, onion8! You definitely deserve it. Her styles are ALWAYS unique, always extraordinary. Our motto? It's made for her! I am so proud on giving this award to her! She definitely deserves it!

Still don't understand Miss COS of the Month?

Miss COS of the Month is just a corporation of Centre of Stardoll. It gives you an oppurtunity to show your face on our blog. And get complimented positively. It's also a competition but honestly, I just chose her out of some of my Stardoll Friends because she's original and has her suite done up amazingly. Want to visit her Click her image where it says "Miss COS of the Month" at the side. Also, I'll be doing another advertisement as to who wants to be Miss COS of the Month. All you do is write your name and if I think you're good enough, then it'll be a pleasure to have you as Miss COS of the Month.

Congratz, Aine!

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