Monday, 15 August 2011

Megan and Caragh are back!

Ok, so we haven't been posting for a whole month! Well, we're sorry! :/ But we're finally back! Currently our blog is under construction getting a better banner and background(:

Keep Visiting(: xo

Added on: We will not be doing daily stardoll news. It's completely pointless! Duh, we know there's probably a new shop! Or something else like an offer. You're already on Stardoll to find that out, but instead we'll have a few new sections. Still letting our creativity flow with ideas. We'll exclaim them soon enough!

Bye for now!

ALSOOOOOO, Caragh, my cousin was sleeping over at my house not so long ago and we just happened to go on Stardoll talking to the owner of another brilliant blog, doggielover666. Saying they're doing well unlike COS. Trueeeeee, but don't be so harsh about it, we're going to make you EAT your words! >:(

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