Sunday, 21 August 2011

Jobs available!

Yes, we have come to the time for our blog to need workers working for us! As you might have noticed miss_caraghm61 hasn't really have been writing on this blog since this blog has been done up well honestly? I couldn't blame her:L We have ran out of ideas for our blog so we badly need some fresh ideas which could be used for this blog so here are the jobs!

Writers (Under the following category)

Stardoll Daily News on COS. We could use a bit of help as I wouldn't be doing this.
This requires: Snipping Tool from your computer (Windows 7 Home Premium/ Windows 7 Ultimate etc) If I have said your type of software atleast search is on your start engine. If it comes up you're safe. This helps to snip a pic of whatevers happening on Stardoll. All you have to do is click Snipping Tool and drag the icon to what you like and save. :)

Spoilers: To show which will be happening at the Starplaza in future, we don't like telling the secret how to reach spoilers so it would be best if you already knew this code, if not? Well, i suppose I could trust you but is best used for the people who already know.

You do not get paid for these jobs but you should be grateful to have this oppurtunity BUT..! Here's a job you could really get paid for!

Popularity!!! If you can increase our amount of followers upto 30 followers (atleast almost 30) then you will be gratefully paid! 90 Stardollars OR a superstar membership for 2 weeks including 80 stardollars.

If you get us upto 30 or atleast almost 30 we will pay you this at the end of the week!

Interested? We'll be happy to interview you. All we need is you to contact me in my guestbook. My name is: Cherry..xo please include this in your application.

Stardoll name: ________(whatever your stardoll name is)
Job you'd like to be put up for: ___________
Why should we pick you? __________
What will you bring to COS? ____________

You can also e-mail me to:, best by hotmail but I may or may not accept it live.

Thanks and don't be afraid to try!


  1. Hi! i would like to be a spoiler!!!! please!! i know lots of starplaza and other stardoll secrets!! i know lots lots lots!!! please i need to do this (if you even let me!) but i will try my best if yhuu even let me!! byeeee love Jessica xx

  2. Hey Jessica! It's Cherry..xo, and are you sure you know the meaning of Spoilers? Spoilers is what is going to be out in Starplaza in future it is not sold in shops yet but will be in a while, Jessica, I would be happy to give you this job but I'd also like our popularity to be increased of an extra 30 each week?

  3. I've seen that picture somewhere? Why do you keep copying banners?

  4. is it a crime to use something from google images which had NO copyright?

  5. here, viva stardoll, if you're not gonna say anything postitive on our blog, dont comment, yeah? -.-