Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Miss Stardoll World

The big vote of Miss Stardoll World is back. For 2011. First place wins a crown, sash, a lot of stardollars and starcoins :L, royalty status of 12 month of superstar. An iPod touch engraved with their name and being Miss Stardoll World.

WOW! A lot of awards for this! Get voting. You all have a chance, you know. Not trying to bring your hopes up but we all have equal chance, just be determined enough, and don't pesture your friends on Stardoll about it.

If you're very kind, you shall also know that there is only one person which can go first, one person which could go second and yet one person who can go third. So we have yet 3 positions! So could you take some time to vote my awesome friend "onion8" Miss Stardoll World"? She definitely deserves it!

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