Monday, 16 January 2012

Under Construction

Nope, we're not completely back, like I said I quit but I decided to make a part-time position in this blog. This blog will no longer be a stardoll blog..but I've wrote to inform you that it'll be something more kaboom! Cause I'm very descriptive and all...
Well, like more controversial really..

Stardoll Radio!
It'll give every one of my writers a chance to be a podcaster, but not every writer may have the chance, you will need the following to do this task

-A mic. (It may be built-in to your computer/laptop/netbook/mac etc.)
-A facebook or spreaker account (Spreaker is the power engine to our radio which lets us podcast onto our blog)
-Music downloaded (access to utorrent/itunes or music in your library) *NOTE* You don't always need music, you can just have the oppurtunity to speak and give an important note. :)

If you are interested in taking part in the process, simply guestbook me for more info:) My name on Stardoll is Cherry..xo in case you don't already know.

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