Monday, 2 January 2012

Inspirational MeDoll

Hey guys,

Today i will spare you the my boring foreword, and just get to it,

The first Inspirational MeDoll of 2012, is none other than one of the awesomest people i have ever met on Stardoll and this person is the lovely,


As all of you may already know, doggielover666 is the proud  owner of the media partner of this blog Stardoll on Camera. I just have to tell you guys how nice and understanding this girl is. I have seen through her posts both here on COS and her own blog that she is trying really hard to get her blog of the ground. I really admire her resilience and her strength to not give up even though she is having a hard time with her blog not getting any comments or contributors.

So, why is this girl Inspirational?
For one, her strength to continue fighting for what she believes is good and true, i.e. her blog and how she wants it to succeed.
Two, she is always coming up with great ideas to help her blog shoot through the ranks and gain more followers, comments, and contributes.
Three, She never gives up on things that are close to her. There are times in life where we all quit, but this girl is special in the way that she bounced back, came back and wouldn't accept failure. There are very few people like that out there and it's pretty important to know someone who is.

I guess there are a lot of things to learn from this girl, and not just from her blog, but from her suite and doll as well. She isn't afraid to try new styles, to mix and match in ways that people might not like. Because im pretty sure she understands the meaning of true style. And when the infamous attack of fashionpolice68 came along, she was the one that said what she wanted to say and decided that she wasnt going to waste her energy on haters, because afterall, haters gonna hate. Visit her suite by clicking <HERE>.

Bozana Pasic's Words of Wisdom Inspired by the Inspirational MeDoll: "You can never have too much strength, whether it is in continuing what you love, putting up with them haters or any other challenge in life, remember that you are stronger than you think and your strength is unlimited."

So really, take a leaf out of this girls handbook and learn something from her. Vikkah, YOU ARE AMAZING AND DON'T FORGET IT. Shel was kind to accept my application to write for her blog and i am really thankful for that, because not only do i write under a different section, but i have a whole new audience to present my posts to.

A member since 2009, Vikkah has been Superstar which is a pretty good achievement, she has made a blog which a lot of people don't do and she has grown on Stardoll to become the Inspiring MeDoll that she truly is. All of the best for the year to come and i hope that your hard work is rewarded!

Here are some pics of this amazing doll:

All the happiness for the New Year to everyone!



a.k.a Bozana Pasic

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  1. OMG THANK YOU SOO MUCH! That is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said about me. I can't thank you enough! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!THANK YOU! Im soooo happy right now! You just made my day! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!