Tuesday, 3 January 2012

I'm leaving Centre of Stardoll.. :/

I acc need to get a life, no, really, I like have one..duh:L. But like I need to be more outgoing with my social life. My horoscope's also said that 2012 is going to be an exciting year with new beginnings and I'll be very sociable. I know it seems like a pretty stupid excuse but I really need to be out there having fun? :L I'm 13.

Also, I really cant afford slacking off at school. What I want in life is alot to ask? :/ So, yeah, I guess I'll choose one of my writers or something to be the co-owner of the blog..

I know, i worked really hard on the blog, I got my 100 followers by Christmas and it does have a lot of memories really. But, it just has to be this way.



  1. haha my horoscope said the same thing XD you wouldn't happen to be a Gemini? hope its true <3

  2. what you are leaving you can't!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hope that this year has brand new opportunities for you, and i agree, you can't spend your whole life on the internet! Hope that you will join us again soon, and good luck!

  4. I'm trying to leave stardoll completely....

  5. @MMAlovergirl: cool:) but I'm a Sagittarius:)
    @pretty-cute109: im gonna have to, face it Stardoll is just a few pixels
    @b!tch_please; thank you! :) and exactly and I will be on the odd time, but my academic work will be my first priority :)
    @onion8; same:/