Wednesday, 4 January 2012

RIO Metal Head! ☺♣

Hey! So, 2 members of outr blog have left unfortunately, but I think me, Princess_111111 and CaitlinNo.1 are still in it! Have I missied anyone? Let me know if I have! ♥

So, went to checkout my messages today and saw that RIO MetalHead was out, and here it is! :)

RIO is not normally my favourite shop, but I quite like this collection! :)

It's on a price range of 3-15 Stardollars and 32-95 Starcoins! Yay! Non-SuperStars get it as well! (I'm Superstar).

My favourites: Well, I like the Gold Plated Asymmetric Dress, the Gilded Evantail Minidress, and the Gold Plated Leggings and I think the Triangular Silver Purse is cute too! ♥

My dislikes: the Black Iridescent Jeans, and I'm not too big on any of the shoes/scarves/accessories down the bottom.

What are your thoughts? ☺Your favourites?

xx Let me know what you think, Darby! ♥ ;D xx

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