Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Inspirational MeDoll

Hey readers of COS.

I have another doll for you! Okay, so i haven't really had TOO much time to poke around Stardoll for inspiration mainly because its almost the end of the year and assessments ARE KILLING me.

So i have chosen a very, very, special doll that i believe is a truly devoted and inspirational MeDoll.
And that is: HoupIsOnFire!!!!!!!

This amazing Stardoller is the owner and founder of THE best Freebies blog for stardoll on the internet; how-to-get-free@blogspot.com!
A member since 2007, this dolly is  known by friends as Ruth has been a devoted member to Stardoll, becoming a royalty member and a part of the "Stardoll Elite".

Though Ruth is not currently active as much now, she still checks back every known again, and sometimes even posts on her great blog.

Here are some pics of this EPIC doll!



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