Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Inspirational MeDoll

Well, in Australian time, Halloween was yesterday (Today is the 1st of November), so i am technically late with this. But oh well. So this version of Inspirational MeDoll is inspired HALLOWWEEEENNN STYYLLEEEE. *wiggles fingers*. Okay so we have the frighteningly creeptastic:

Okay so she has a talent for the dark and foreboding people and this is a desirable trait for Halloween!! I especially love her MeDoll and makeup. Very unique and inspirational suite and outfit! A member since 2008, this American Royal has featured in Callie's Dream Suites Halloween Edition blog and has become quite popular among the Stardoll Community! I for one think that this spooky Stardoller will become a dark inspiration for all!!

Check out this ghostastic doll!



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