Wednesday, 30 November 2011

BE AWARE OF fashionpolice68!!!

She's a creep? She seems to have nothing better to do with her life than criticise people's suites writing absolute nonsense to us.

~Click to Enlarge~

But, I see, I'm not the only one..when i looked at her guestbook, there seems to be some more complaints, some even from my friends!

She's only made her account today? :S Yet, she's acting like she owns the place! 

URGH! Sorry, but I hate people like this. She's so low-lifed! 


  1. She did the same thing to me.... Awkward curtains for her, because she has the worst style on Stardoll.

    Keyboard warriors these days -.-


  2. Omg, I know! :S like frick sake she looks like a slut. -_- she's a frickin bitch! :@

  3. There are some pathetic people on Stardoll these days