Sunday, 3 July 2011

Want to be a writer in our blog? Click HERE to visit Cherry..xo's suite for an interview ORRR
Click HERE to visit miss_caraghm61's suite for an interview. (CaitlinNo.1's suite is not available due to her away to Turkey for 2 weeks!!)

A perfect write for this blog will need:
Enthusiasm!! We need you to advertise our blog on your presentation and tell everyone on your chat and on guestbook comments, even a broadcast does the job! 
Loyalty!! To not write any bad stuff on this blog, we need to trust you.
Creativeness! Write creative and unique stuff on our blog! After all, thats what makes our blog original!!

VOILA!! There you go. Visit our suites (Cherry..xo and miss_caraghm61) and write in our guestbook if you want an interview, we then go on suite chat with you and ask you a few questions, or even just on Stardoll chat! 
P.S. Sorry for the long blog :).

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