Sunday, 3 July 2011

More jobs available on stardoll.

So as you hopefully already know by now, that the owners on stardoll are Cherry..xo, miss_caraghm61 and CaitlinNo.1 (who is not available for the next 2 weeks) Well, we have more jobs for this blog. :)

Writer-does posts:)
Advertisers(invite more than 10 followers per day, 70 per week you get 90 stardollars at the end of the week)

Click HERE to contact miss_caraghm61 for an interview and see if you're up for the job. 

weefrances- is now a writer
1 writer left to be promoted for the job. 

5 advertisers left to be premoted for the job.

Trial for advertisers:
As you know, this is a very rewarding job and will give you 90 stardollars if you can give us 70 followers at the end of the week. This job can only be available to superstars/royalty. As i can only give stardollars. You will have a trial day and if you can give us up to 15+ followers, then you will be up for the job and will receive 10 stardollars that day. 

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