Saturday, 9 July 2011

Interview with Ghandoora

Click here <- to visit Ghandoora's suite. 1. What does stardoll mean to you, is it just a game or what? It’s the most interesting website I have ever seen , it isn’t a game , it’s a place to express your knowledge in fashion :D

2.Who inspires you the most? No one , I think my mood who help me every time :D

3. Your own blog ( is really popular...what made you become a writer,?
Thanks God , it’s honor for me to make a blog and in less than 1 year It became popular one , I don’t know really just for enjoy :D
4. How did you come aware of stardoll, did anyone tell you about it? No , I were searching on internet then I found it so I joined it ^^ 
5. You always have a new look on stardoll, whats your 3 items you could'nt live without on this game? Hmmmm… hard question !! I think hat , sunglasses & coat :)

6. Are you reading stardoll blogs, aswell as writing? for real no , I don’t have time , but maybe if there is an interesting post I would read it !

7. Whats your favourite thing about stardoll, designing, shopping? My favorite is shopping , I love shopping in real life so much and in stardoll so much , I feel that I’m really at shop !

8. Describe how you felt , when you realised you are famous on stardoll ! Was it weird? Well it’s really great thing for being famous and over thousand girls know you , but it’s bad because they start to make fake things about me I didn’t do it !!

9. What do you have to say to the followers out there? :) I would like to thank you for choosing me to have an interview , I like it so much :D best wishes :D Ghadeer xox

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