Thursday, 7 July 2011

New L.E!!

Yes, that's right!! There is new LE!!! And I have to be really honest, its gotten WAY better! There has been personal remarks that the last LE collection was down right 'chavvy', so i think they have got on board and have made a vast improvement!! Look what I bought!!

Look!! It's been around an hour since the LE's been out and I was already the 186th Buyer of the L.E flower Tee and the 228th Buyer of the black floral wreath. Unbelievable AND..the prices ? 55 for a top and 35 for a floral accesory ? But I suppose it is worth it. Since they can only sell 1000 of each. Out of the 100 odd million members :o

1 comment:

  1. I want that black floral wreath SO SO SO SO bad!!! PLEASE! I will buy it for 83 or higher!!! PLEASE! Visit me and tell me what you think. Im 123acd on Stardoll...Thanks!!! PLEASE CONSIDER MY REQUEST!