Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Inspirational MeDoll

Heysies COS readers!

I have another Inspiring MeDoll for you!!!
As a celebration of the Media Partnership between VSD and COS (congrats guys! thats the spirit.)
I have chosen TWO Inspirational MeDolls!!

First of all we have the lovely:

I have had the privilege of  being good friends with this amazing girl! Not only is she an amazing person but she is a super stylish doll! Her style ranges from genre to genre, and this girl is fabulous! A member since 2010, Rachel1.2.3 has escalated to become a member of Stardoll Royalty! Keep up the good work. Here are some photos of this FABULOUS doll:


My other Inspirational MeDoll is the famous

One of the most popular Stardoll members of all time, Keira-V has established a well known reputation. A member since 2006, i have been friends with this doll since 2007. Best known for her masses of Starpoints and fabulous designs, Keira-V is the ultimate Stardoll Inspiration! For her loyalty to collecting almost every single piece of clothing, make-up, suite items and jewellery, Keira-V was one of the first elite Stardolls! Currently, she is not a Royalty or Superstar member, but she is still FABULOUS!
Check out this B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L doll:



P.s. don't forget to comment or contact me with your Inspiring MeDoll

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  1. Both very beautifull medoll and definate inspirations [: