Sunday, 25 September 2011

COS is closing down

I am sick of this!! Whole fights on blogs, frickin pathetic!

Centre of Stardoll is officially closing down.

Viva Stardoll has copied our idea of a radio. You can have your radio. I'm leaving! Fighting and now copying. And you're honestly saying WE'RE giving YOU a hard time.

Also, my laptop is in no shape to be doing graphics, new ideas or A RADIO. So hope Viva Stardoll's happy now.

Cause, I'm done here.

Feel free to comment and we'd like to know if you didn't want us to be shut down. But, no one visits our blogs anyway. Not wasting anymore time.


  1. For your information I didnt copy , My uncle from Cork works at some radio station and he asked If i would like my own channel! So go ahead leave! Call me a copier, see if I care!

  2. Good point! I only have time to visit it once a week or so.... And i read HTGF and USD and all because they post everyday. Bur ur blog is good too. I dont know.., its your choice but honestly you sholdn't close down bcuz of another blog? I know their blog is quite good too and has a generous amount of followers but... I dont know

  3. Dont close down!! i love ur blog its great!!

  4. Thanks like but she's really bugging me. :L So I cbf. And my blogs not good atm. I effed it up a bit:L And me or the others don't have time. :L Oh and Wiktoria, I know you did? Not my fault, just being honest. And how come I had a post of a radio for my blog? You hate me for some reason:S Then RIGHT after, you write a post about it? Idgaf anymore. Have your stupid radio, it's faggy fighting about shit like this you know.